A lot has changed since last month’s newsletter..

I realized recently that we are constantly adapting to this “new age” – I would like to call it BC/AC as in “before Covid” and “after Covid”. 

I am sure you have noticed the analogy, but it does feel like life will never be the way it was before. As human beings we have an incredible way of adapting, our biology alone has been evolving since the beginning of mankind. As Darwin used to say ” it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”    

So yes, we will adapt, we will reinvent ourselves, we will thrive and the same for our businesses, the ones that will have the capacity of seeing new opportunities will be successful in this new era.

When it comes to tourism, not too long ago we were dealing with serious problems of overtourism all around the world. 

The Thai Government had to close 5 islands as tourism was destroying entire ecosystems.
The Tibetan side of Mount Everest base camp, was closed due to a serious trash problem caused by tourists (over 8 tons of trash), Rome closed the emblematic “Fontana di Trevi” and Iceland the Fjaorarglgufur Canyon.

I believe we needed the change, we need to be less selfish and go back to the way we used to travel, seeing things through our own eyes and not the lens filter of our Instagram accounts, feeling it, touching it, smelling it, as it is all part of the traveling experience, to indulge all our senses and emerge in new cultures. Be curious again, explore and make new friends.
So yes please, l am all up for quality rather then quantity and if one can only travel once a year, maybe you will take more time planning and maybe it’s time to try new things, new places and do it with an open heart and with respect to all!!

Let’s do it, let’s embrace the change!     
Maria Ines Amaral