Portugal wants to position itself as the most sustainable country for tourism

 The Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism expressed the opinion that the country should be marketed as “the most sustainable country in the world”. This reflects an increasing awareness on part of the authorities that relying only on the traditional attractions that Portugal offers might not be enough in the contemporary tourism market.

Sustainability is not an ephemeral fad

In the Tourism Secretary’s view, for this to happen, there must be “many headings” in that direction, with catering, tourist entertainment and hotel companies working to obtain the Biosphere international label. The local tourism sector would need to recognize the salience that the issues of sustainability hold today for travellers that are growing increasingly conscious about their holiday choices. Sustainability was also meant to be understood as composed of three pillars: economic, environmental and social – making a coherent unity together.


Maria Ines Amaral
Founder and CEO of Portuguese association of Tourism for the Middle East